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Dan Davis, Principal, Designer

Dan Davis has lead many creative lives, bringing an unusually wide skill set to every project. He’s previously worked as an art director, a fine arts painter, an event planner and a landscape designer. Along the way, he’s won numerous awards, including a bronze Lion at the Cannes Film Festival, a Public Service award from the United Nations and a Best of Houzz.com award for Customer Satisfaction. His interior design work has been featured in local and national publications, including Hour Magazine, Ambassador, StyleLine, and The Detroit News and Free Press, as well as Desire to Inspire and many other interior design blogs.

As a leading designer in Detroit, Dan’s interiors are marked by their drama, functionality and individuality. Naturally unassuming, he listens attentively, asking the right questions, and drawing out his clients’ hopes and also their realistic needs. He then uses that insight to create spaces that are not only beautiful but a true reflection of each client and his or her unique personality. Similarly, when Dan is working on commercial spaces, his marketing background is invaluable in creating spaces in keeping with each company’s brand identity.

No stranger to the metro Detroit design scene, Dan’s interior designs have been showcased at DIFFA and many events at the Michigan Design Center. Not surprisingly, his periodic interior decorating seminars at Leon and Lulu in Clawson are always packed.

On the personal side, Dan is an avid collector of antiques and art. He has travelled extensively throughout North America and Europe, both for business and pleasure. An avid wine connoisseur, he discovered the wines from the Dingac slopes while in Croatia last year.