Dan Davis, Principal, Designer

Dan Davis has led many creative lives, bringing an unusually wide skill set to every project. He’s previously worked as an art director, a fine arts painter, an event planner and a landscape designer. Along the way, he’s won numerous awards, including a bronze Lion at the Cannes Film Festival, a United Nations Public Service award, and a Best of Houzz.com award for Customer Satisfaction. His interior design work is featured in local and national publications, including Hour Magazine, Ambassador, StyleLine, The Detroit News and Free Press, Design Sponge, Desire to Inspire and many other interior design blogs.


  1. What is something that surprises people when they hire you?
    That I ask so many questions. I once had a client who was a psychologist. She told me I asked more questions than she does!
  2. What inspires you?
    Travel, music and sharing ideas. I love collaborating on projects because it leads to great solutions.
  3. Name three words that describe you.
    Passionate. Earnest. Focused.
  4. Why do all your projects look so different?
    I design for my clients and their needs, not just how I would do my own home. I love getting into a client’s mindset and discovering a whole new set of building blocks that maybe I haven’t used before. It’s all about the client’s needs and wants.
  5. What design rule do you love to break?
    I don’t follow rules. Does that count?

Jennifer Baross, Associate IIDA, Director of Design

Jennifer Baross is Director of Design at Dan Davis Design, focusing on commercial and residential projects. At DDD, she creates and manages designs for small to medium commercial projects along with cozier residential spaces. Her designs infuse functionality with beauty, texture, and lovely detail. Jen has a BFA in Interior Design from College for Creative Studies (CCS) and is an expert in tile and historic architecture. 

Additionally, Jen is an adjunct design professor at CCS, formerly serving on the boards of the Detroit Area Art Deco Society and Preservation Detroit. She is the co-founder and president of the Parducci Society, a non-profit focusing on architectural details and craftsmanship. Jen loves corgis and is happily obsessed with handmade textiles and crafts.


  1. What type of projects do you find most satisfying? 
    Where my design makes an impact. It’s easy to create a beautiful space. But to balance interests, allowing all parties to be heard, and to know that the design impacts how the users occupy the space – is exceptionally rewarding to me.
  2. What inspires you?
    I find inspiration everywhere. From traveling to Europe to fruit at the market, I find inspiration for color, pattern, shape, light, texture everywhere. 
  3. Three words or phrases that describe you? 
    Curious, socially conscious, innovative. 
  4. What is something that surprises people when they get to know you?
    I’ve had several clients tell me that they are surprised at the amount of thought given to their project. I truly think about who is using the space, who it’s designed for (not always the same user).

Jenni Ranieri, Office Manager, Designer

Bio to come.

Michelle Schroeder, Studio Manager

Michelle Schroeder serves as our studio manager at Dan Davis Design, bringing expert project management to our team since 2016. She oversees the coordination of our clients’ journeys at every step, from initial meetings with prospective clients all the way through design development and then installation. In addition to assisting with design development, Michelle also keeps our entire team organized at the studio, following up on details and implementing processes to keep our team running efficiently. 

Prior to joining DDD, Michelle had 20+ years of experience as a project manager at Kelly Services. She holds a BS from Michigan State, with an emphasis in social sciences, economics and HR. 

  1. What type of projects do you find the most satisfying?
    Lately I have enjoyed our commercial projects – the interplay of good design with functionality in a public space.
  2. What inspires you?
    The colors and patterns of nature, as well as the thrill of hunting for vintage items and bringing them back to life.
  3. What do you like about working for a company that specializes in so many diverse styles?
    Exactly that. The ability to work/explore different interior design styles which work for our clients’ aesthetics.
  4. What are you favorite aspects of design that you like to work on?
    Accessorizing with items the client already owns or new ones we found for them. I also enjoy placing artwork and designing gallery walls.
  5. Why do you think clients should choose to work with Dan Davis Design?
    We take pride in not having a signature look. We work closely with our clients to customize a space that reflects their own personalities and lifestyles.