Your Style, Not Ours.

At Dan Davis Design, we do not have one aesthetic that we expect you to buy into. Instead, we believe that any design we create for you should reflect your own taste, fulfill your own wishes and meet your own practical needs. In other words, we think there’s nobody like you, and therefore your space should be personal and unique to you.

The Goal Is Timeless.

Not necessarily classic in style, but rather, an interior design that isn’t overly trendy and will be stylish for a long time. We are fans of spaces that are interesting, eclectic, beautiful, functional, emotional and above all else, rooms that say “you.” We also think you don’t always have to spend a lot to get quality, but we do think you always need quality.

Getting To Know You.

How do we figure out what’s right for you? With a lot of effort and some serious listening. Using special tools we’ve developed, we often get to know what our clients need and want before they do.

Reuse, Repurpose, Rethink.

We don’t believe in necessarily throwing out everything in the room before we start. We try hard to incorporate good pieces you already own. Great rooms evolve over time, and these are part of your history. If there is something you absolutely love, we will find a way to work with it. We may even build our whole design around one object you love. Although our reputation rests on a certain elegance of design, we see no reason why we can’t achieve that within the framework of what you want.

About The Process.

We think it should be fun. We’ll respect your budget parameters and do our best to minimize any inconveniences. It is after all, your space, and we are only guests in it. We’ll work hard not to wear out our welcome. At the end of the process, we won’t be content to leave you satisfied. Our goal is to leave you happy and proud.